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The Three Counties Chen Taijiquan Association was formed out of the many classes taught by the late John Llewellyn to provide mutual support and encouragement to teachers who continue John's legacy and students who are practitioners of tai chi and in particular the Chen style as instructed by Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang and his son Ying Jun. We run a variety of classes across the counties of Hereford, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire to suit all abilities.

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Kinthissa - Beckford on 16th and 17th March

Memories from Yingjun2017 here

Interview with Yingjun by Norman Kobow from Taiji Academy Magdeburg - here

As well as regular classes run by our own teachers we also hold seminars with visiting teachers throughout the year. These seminars provide the opportunity to further develop our practice as well as being a good chance to catch up with others from across the three counties - there is usually good food involved to help get through the day!

We are proud to be able to host seminars with Chen Ying Jun every Oct/Nov, who usually provides a strong enough dose to work on for the rest of the year......

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Kinthissa in Beckford on 16th & 17th March



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